Blogger Blogging

Blogger has an inbuilt website builder with an easy to use graphical interface.
You can choose from many themes and it is very easy to swap and change and manage your blog. 


When you have logged into your Google account, or created one for the first time, Blogger will set up a blog website account.
Enter a title for your new blogging website, a sub-domain name of, and select one of the  themes.
The title and theme can be modified later if required.

blogger create blog domain


Start by selecting from the themes and try a few to see what they look like by clicking on the "View Blog" link.

blogger choose theme


Theme layouts can be modified easily. Click on the pen icon to edit the gadgets.
Add and move gadgets to the blog page by dragging the item with your mouse cursor.
Click on the "Theme Designer" link to display the designer page where you can modify fonts and colors and much more.

blogger edit page layout


Modifying the theme is very simple and quick and you can see the result immediately.
The top section is where you have options to re-design the theme colors, font types, column widths, and add code CSS overrides.
You can also pick a different theme altogether and view the result within a few seconds.

blogger theme designer


Create and manage blog posts from the "Posts" section. 

blogger blog posts list


Here is the WYSIWYG editor to create new posts. There is also a HTML tab to edit the code directly.
You can save, preview and publish the blog immediately from within the Post editor.
From here you can also set options such as allowing site visitor comments on the individual blog post.

blogger create blog content


web burble logo

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