Drupal Blogging

Creating a simple blog in Drupal is quick and easy because you simply add content. The example below shows an article with a blog style layout.
Select the "Content" menu item to start adding a blog article.

drupal blog web page


Below shows where all the web site content items are listed.
Now select the "Add Content" button.

drupal add content button


Here is where new content types are selected. Articles for blogging style articles and Basic Page when creating a regular web style page.
Select "Article" to create a blog entry.

drupal select article


Create your blog item and then click the "Save"  button. The "Publish" tick box is selected by default.
The blog item will now display on the web page. This is a single page blog web site.
Add more articles and they will appear above the previous blog item on the page.

drupal create content


Here is a similar example of a completed Drupal blog page which includes a comments section for visitors.

drupal blog page



Drupal Create Content Type

More complex content types can be created in Drupal. Below is an example of creating a blog style content type like the "Article" type above.
Content types can be modified as required.

Select "Structure" from the menu and then the "Content Types" structure.

drupal structure content type


 Click on the "Add content type" button.

drupal add content type


Create a new content type called Blog or whatever is required and then click on "Save and manage fields". Fields are what is added into the content type such as images, text, comments etc.

drupal blog content type


A "Body" field for text is already included by default. Now click on the "Add field" button to add more fields to this content type.

drupal add field type image


Here we are adding an image type field.

drupal add image field


Image settings page will now display but you don't need to modify anything here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and 'Save settings".
Field types within a content type can always be modified afterwards.

drupal save image settings


Go back to adding fields to the content type and choose the "field_tags". This will allow you to enter searchable tags within each blog as you publish.

drupal add field type fieldtag


Modify the reference type options and then save the field tag settings.

drupal fieldtag settings


Now go back to adding fields to the content type and select the "comment" field to allow registered users on your blog site to enter comments.

drupal add field type comments


 Save this comments settings. You can modify any settings now or afterwards in the "Manage Fields" option for each content type.

drupal save field type comments 


All the fields in this "Blog" content type example are completed. You can now go back to "Content" and select the newly created "Blog" type.

drupal select blog content type


Start blogging with your new Drupal "Blog" content type.

drupal blog item


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