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WordPress Blogging

After logging into WordPress for the very first time you can start writing your first blog and publish it straight away.
Of course, you would probably want to firstly select a nice template theme to suit your requirements before you start blogging live.
But this shows how fast you can actually get your blog started with no configuration after setup.
WordPress defaults to a single page blog configuration after installation.

wordpress write first post


The classic "Hello World" is used as a default blog post that is in the WordPress initial setup.
You can simply delete or edit this post.

wordpress hello world post


Here is the default post that is included when WordPress is installed.
The post can also be published, previewed or deleted from within the editor.
WordPress also has many editor plug-ins that provide extended functionality when creating blog posts or website pages.
The default WordPress editor is shown below.

write first post


How WordPress organizes your blog posts, or alternatively a home web page and posts is easily configured in the "Reading Settings"

wordpress reading settings


There is always a default template theme that is active for a WordPress site.
Below shows one that has been selected and activated.
You can use the "Add New" to firstly add a new theme to become available, then "activate" it.
Click on the "Appearance" menu, then "Themes".
Now click on the "Add New" button to search for your dream theme.

wordpress active themes


Filter the available template themes by clicking on the "Feature Filter".
Then select "Blog" as the search subject, and then click on the "Apply Filters" button.
All the themes designed to be used as blogs will then appear for selection.

wordpress filter blog themes


Here you can scroll up and down looking at all the free themes suitable for blogging and choose one that you like.
Place your mouse cursor over the theme you desire and the "Preview" button will allow you to see what the theme looks like on a page.
You can "Install" the theme which downloads the template but does not activate it yet.

If you change your mind and select a different theme afterwards, then your blog posts should just display in the new theme.
Experimenting first with different themes and configurations may be a good idea before before spending time creating your final blog and publishing.

wordpress select theme


WordPress template themes become the current theme for your website by clicking on the "Activate" button.
Place your mouse pointer over the theme to show the button. Any previously active theme then becomes inactive.

wordpress active theme


This is an example of a published WordPress blog website using the template theme shown above.
WordPress themes are usually free to download and use but have limited features.
Most template themes have a full version available for a subscription fee. wordpress blog example


An in depth, step by step tutorial on how to install, configure and publish a WordPress website can be found video channel WB



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