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Joomla Blogging 

If the blog sample data option was not selected when installing Joomla then it can be performed here from the Control Panel.
After installation, you can easily edit the sample blog posts (articles) and add new articles.

joomla sample blog


Only install the sample data if the Joomla site is new and there has been no work done yet. Using this method, a blog format for your Joomla website is configured in a minute.

joomla blog sample installed


All the hard work has now been automatically done. Below are the modules that appear on the blog web page. You do not need to change anything here.

joomla blog modules


The menu type for blogs is usually "Category Blog" and the "Category" is then selected. Within Joomla a blog post is created by writing an article.
When you create an article for your blog, you then select which category it will belong. In other words, for this type of blogging, the category is selected within each article you write, the category is added to the menu.
Menu types determine how a web page is displayed (in this case we require a "Category Blog" type of display)

Note that there are many different menu types in Joomla.

joomla blog menu


Shown below are the sample articles that are in the blog category which end up displaying in the Blog menu (web page).

joomla blog article listing 


When you want to add a blog post to your blog, create a new article and add then select the category "Blog" (or whatever title name you have created for your category)

joomla blog article


This is the sample blog web site which is using one of the built-in templates.
There are many free and subscription based theme templates for blogging on the Internet that can be downloaded into your Joomla site.
You can also choose from many of the popular blog extensions available within Joomla if you dont want to use the built in blogging format.

joomla blog page


This is an example of setting up a blog manually and not installing the sample database. Joomla sets up a default Home page, but with no articles.
Create a few articles and add to the original existing "uncategorized" category.
The original existing Home page menu "Menu Item Type" field was changed from "Feature Article" to "Category Blog" and the "Uncategorized" category selected. (Scroll up to see the "Menus:Edit Item" example above)

Note that there are no modules such as Older Posts or Most read Posts.

joomla blog example


Many free blogging extensions are available for download and installation from within the Joomla "Extensions" manager.

joomla blogging extensions


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